Milex supplies Aviation Life Support Equipment to different companies, military forces and law enforcement in latam countries, offering high quality products, providing confidence and safety to aircrafts crews.

Flyers Helmets

Sold under the Gentex and ALPHA brands, Gentex Corporation manufactures the widest range of rotary and fixed-wing helmet systems designed to provide unparalleled capabilities with exceptional safety, contributing to the successful air operations of many military forces, law enforcement, rescue and medical aircrew around the world


A critical component of our helmet systems, our oxygen mask and accessories for fixed wing platforms are easily integrate with other aircrew equipment to provide aircrew around the globe complete system level protection.

Survival & Rescue

With Milex INC you can acquire the equipment required for search and rescue operations, the different components to develop your flights in a safe and comfortable way, as well as the items for signaling and survival in emergency situations