SEA-3000 LW & 4500


The Survival Egress Air (SEA) is specifically designed for use on a variety of aircrew vests and harnesses typically used in maritime environments. A light weight cylinder with integrated regulator provides a source of emergency breathing air to allow crew members or passengers to safely egress from a submerged aircraft.

⏍ Download FILE SEA_3000LW 1A Datasheet HERE ↓


Lightest weight emergency breathing system (EBS) available.
Designed for air crews and passengers in case of accidental aircraft ditching.
System weighs less than 2 pounds.
Has remote mouthpiece for hands free operations and unrestricted head movement.
New lightweight second stage (EBS) with new lightweight flexible hose.
Dial Gauge pressure indicator.
30-35% lighter than previous generations while providing 49 – 51% more air.