Ruggedized, Noise-Cancelling Microphone Technology


Our suite of boom microphones streamline the appearance of headwear and allow for excellent positioning of the microphone in close proximity to the lips, which is critical for proper operation of high-performance, noise-canceling microphones. Choose our standard boom microphone, the wire boom, with serviceable design for repositioning and maneuverability; our flex boom for finer adjustment and positioning of the boom microphone element; or our wire/flex boom, which combines the features of the wire and flex boom microphones to maintain swivel functionality while allowing finer positioning of the boom.

⏍ Download FILE FlexBoom N100910 Data Sheet HERE ↓


• The amplified electret, carbon replacement microphone provides high intelligibility communication under noisy conditions encountered in general aviation and military environments
• Flexible gooseneck tubing and integrated mount permit proper positioning of the microphone element in front of the user’s mouth from either the left or right hand side.
• The amplified electret microphones are reverse polarity operation protected and compatible with Gentex and Alpha Helmets for Military, Industrial, General Aviation Radios and Intercom Systems (ICS)