Light Activated Visor for Helmets


Gentex Photochromic visor absorbs direct, or light filtered through a vehicle’s windshield to activate the photochromic molecules causing the lens to darken or lighten when exposed or removed from light.

⏍ Download FILE Photochromic DataSheet HERE ↓


• Impact resistance in accordance with MIL-V-43511 (tested to MIL-STD-622, using a .22 T37 fragment simulating projectile at a velocity of 550 fps)
• Optical characteristics in accordance with MIL-V-43511
• Abrasion resistance in accordance with MIL-C-83409 (front and rear surfaces protected by Gentex’s proprietary scratch resistant hard coating)
• Reacts in direct sunlight and through canopies
• Begins darkening instantly
• Adapts seamlessly for variable lighting conditions
• Clear state transmissions of greater than 80% PLT (tv), offers future opportunity for combination with some laser eye protection (LEP) filters
• Maintains a neutral gray color when in darkened state
• Replaces the need for two visor (clear and tint) kits