Smaller Profile, Greater FlexibilityPrincipio del formulario


Featuring a smaller profile, the Gentex MDMM was developed to replace the existing Gentex M-169/AIC oxygen mask microphone. The MDMM design allows for more positional flexibility, and offers >90% speech intelligibility in 105 dBA and >84% in 115 dBA. Compatible with the Gentex MBU-20/P, MBU-20A/P and HA/LP Oxygen Masks, the MDMM is available as a retrofit upgrade for existing mask mics.

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• Can be purchased as a retrofit upgrade, to replace the microphone in a user’s existing oxygen mask.
• Smaller profile and flexibility allows for more adjustment possibilities, maximizing comfort and performance for pilots and technicians.
• The Gentex MDMM is compatible with:
• Gentex MBU-20/P Oxygen Mask
• Gentex MBU-20A/P Oxygen Mask
• Gentex HA/LP PPB® Series Oxygen Masks