Primary Survival Gear Carrier (PSGC)

Air Warrior System



The Air Warrior System is a new generation aircrew ensemble that provides the soldier advanced life support capabilities. The system is currently used by US Army pilots and air crewmen in all types of aircraft. The Air Warrior System is combat-proven.

Great care was taken to reduce the weight and bulk of the system with the goal of improving personnel protection and mission performance.

The Air Warrior System is comprised of the following assemblies:

• Primary Survival Gear Carrier

• Low-Profile Flotation Collar

• Over Water Gear Carrier

• Personal Restraint Tether

• Crew Specific Part

• Aircrew Survival and Egress Knife

• Universal Holster System

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• Integrated extraction/insertion harness
• Interior stowage pockets for first aid platform and
signal platform
• Lightweight and cool compared to other vests
• Modular pockets designed for mission flexibility
• Nomex and fire retardant materials used
• Designed to fit the 5th to 95th percentile crewmen